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Ageless Einzelgänger is a uncoventional clothing label sketched in New York and made in Japan. The brand has

as an “anti-fashionable” approach to the fashion industry, rejecting any seasonal trends to pursue

an ideal of effortless garments crafted for the single individual.

The meaning of Ageless comes from our goal to create a garment that someone purchases

when they are young, and age with our garments, making marks on garments, torn, smell,

remembering certain moments when you were wearing this garments.

A garment that 10 year old and 70 year old could share, a garment that you want to keep wear,

a garment that has beauty with no effort.

The meaning of Einzelgänger comes from our attitude towards current fashion industry.

We do not appreciate mass production and waste, and we are not designing something new,

we study history that we believe that are beautiful, and our job is to translate them into our voice

with our aesthetic. We believe that there are enough designers trying to design something new,

so we are designing backwards, we want to maintain and continue on the beautiful legacy that

many artists have left for our generation, we do not want them to get forgotten.

Ageless Einzelgänger final goal is not just to produce beautiful clothing, but timeless pieces that

establish a personal and intimate connection with the wearer, overcoming any gender and age

restrictions, as everyone interprets the pieces in its very own way. Each piece is made by following

a conscious artisanal production process, and is avaialble in limited quantities to minimalize unnecessary

waste. Ageless Einzelgänger embodies a philosophy that brings art, craft and history into the everyday

life of the individual.