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Ageless Einzelgänger is an anti-fashion lable(or brand) based in New York City which values the history of visual arts.

Fashion is the main concentration in which we execute our vision.


At Ageless Einzelgänger,

Kie Hye Lee; creative director

Jin Lee; production director

create everything from the ground up.


The meaning of Ageless comes from our goal to create garments which age with the owner. The marks, tears, and general wear allow the owner to remember the moments in which these events occurred. The Ageless aspect of the garments creates a timeless beauty and a duality that both young and old can appreciate.


The purpose of Einzelgänger (loner, lone wolf, maverick) comes from our attitude towards the current climate in the fashion industry. We don’t participate in mass production and excessive waste, and we are not producing clothing that is dictated by trend. Rather we are producing clothing that conforms to our aesthetic.


History inspires our collection, and our job is to translate these ideas into our garments. Our belief is that there are enough designers appealing to trends, we want to work backwards; maintaining and continuing to build upon the legacy artists have left for our generation. Our end goal is not just to produce beautiful clothing. Our garments are a piece of the owners life, they have entered a highly personal and intimate space, in which our designs influence the daily life of the wearer. Our desire is to create a lifestyle around the history of visual arts, preserving the legacy that has been left for us to tend, too.